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Invest in Indian Railways for a Terminal
Railway Freight Terminals Loading and Unloading of goods transported by rail is done at freight terminals
There are following four types of Railway Freight Terminals:
  • Railway owned Goods sheds or railway sidings on Railway land: Indian Railways encourage private participation in Development of Goods-sheds at small/road-side stations. This policy is aimed at augmenting terminal capacity through private participation by allowing setting up of new goods-shed facilities (viz.goods wharf, loading/unloading facilities, facilities for labour (resting space with shade, drinking water, bathing facilities, etc) approach road, covered shed and other related infrastructure) and developing existing goods-sheds at a larger number of stations
  • Private sidings are built on private land in the manufacturing/mining plant of the company for convenience so that Railway wagons get loaded and unloaded in the premises under a special arrangement. To promote use of these sidings by other rail users, Indian Railways has allowed loading/unloading in these private sidings by any user with the permission of the private siding owner
  • Privately owned container handling terminals set up on private land by Container Train Operators (CTOs) in accordance with the provisions of Master Concession Agreement (MCA) (including those created by CONCOR on private land before introduction of MCA)
  • Private Freight Terminal (PFT) set up by the Terminal Management Company (TMC) on private land through private investment in terms of PFT policy for handling of all types of traffic unless and otherwise notified under the policy
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Private Freight Terminals (PFTs)

Private Sidings

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